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Lipitor Lawsuit Settlement

Successfully Achieving a Lipitor Lawsuit Settlement

Although Pfizer often boastful tells the world of how it’s the best-selling pharmaceutical drugs of all time, Lipitor may actually be doing more harm than good to the people who take it. Extensive research has been conducted linking Lipitor to type II diabetes in thousands of women. Already, many lawsuits have been made against Lipitor and its manufacturer Pfizer- tens of these settlements are filed each day. If either yourself or one of your loved ones has been diagnosed with type II diabetes or has contracted serious health problems while taking Lipitor, it may be in your interest to file for a Lipitor lawsuit settlement to have Pfizer compensate you for your pain and suffering.

Lipitor Lawsuit

What Does Lipitor Do?

Lipitor is a statin- a drug that can be used to lower cholesterol levels. The drug does this by reducing inflammation and bodily tissues and stabilizing plaque levels. By doing this, it can help prevent strokes and heart attacks that are linked to excessive accumulation of plaque in blood vessels.

The Troubling History of Lipitor

Lipitor was first produced by pharmaceutical company Parke-Davis Warner-Lambert in 1985. It had the industry name Atorvastatin. When Parke-Davis Warner-Lambert was acquired by Pfizer, the name of the drug was changed to Lipitor. The FDA approved Lipitor for market distribution in 1996- since then, it has accounted for over $125 million in sales for this company, effectively making it the most popular pharmaceutical drug of all time. The patents that Pfizer had on this drug expired on November 30, 2011, however, and since then, this drug has been produced in generic form by Watson Pharmaceuticals and Ranbaxy Laboratories.
Ever since the drug was released in 1996, it has an ever-popular choice for physicians to subscribe to patients to help reduce their cholesterol levels, chances of heart disease, and chances of stroke. However, Lipitor has recently started coming back to haunt people, causing them serious, chronic illnesses such as type II diabetes. Exhaustive research that was conducted at countless universities, including the University of Massachusetts have linked Lipitor and other statins to a heightened risk of type II diabetes. By observing over 154,000 participants, this UMass study showed that people who take Lipitor are over 50% more likely to develop type II diabetes than their non-Lipitor taking counterparts are.

Why There’s a Chance for a Lipitor Lawsuit Settlement for Every Victim

For over two decades, Lipitor has been sold to millions of individuals. It association to type II diabetes is just now being exposed though. The unethical concealment of risks associated with their products is a dangerous trend that many pharmaceutical companies partake in these days. In addition to Pfizer, Stryker orthopedics, Johnson & Johnson, Bayer, and other multinational pharmaceutical conglomerates have all been the topic of serious allegations lately because of their lack of disclosure of the risks that have been associated with their drugs and medical products.
It almost seems as if corporate greed has finally drowned the notion of putting the consumer’s safety first. By using the expedited 501K process to get their products in the market prematurely, large pharmaceutical companies are effectively putting their own profits first before consumer safety. This expedited approval system does not require as many stringent, in-depth safety reviews before the products are placed on the market. As a result, the 501K process has led to the approval of many controversial medications, including Lipitor, that were later found to have dangerous side effects that had not been foreseen, or worse, had been completely ignored.

The latter seems to be the case with Pfizer though, as it is very difficult to believe that Pfizer was completely unaware of the risks of releasing Lipitor to the market. The recent deluge of lawsuits that have piled up against Pfizer and other statin manufacturers have finally forced them to face responsibility for their obvious disregard for consumer safety and negligence of the ethical guidelines that are in place for the release of medications.
Many of the individuals who have already had the qualities of their lives compromised as a result of taking Lipitor are filing lawsuits against Pfizer, the manufacturer of this dangerous drug. There are statues of limitations in place for Lipitor litigation, meaning that the facts of each case are assessed individually on a case-by-case basis, and compensation is based on the amount of harm incurred. Because each is effectively unique, you need to refer to a legal professional in order to find out whether or not your grounds for requesting compensation are indeed sound. Our experienced legal team would be more than happy to help you in this regard.

If you are one of the people has suffered at the hands of Lipitor, or know someone who has suffered as a result of using Lipitor, you are eligible to have your case thoroughly and promptly reviewed by our experienced legal professionals completely free. Call us now at 1-888-770-4343 to protect your claim to compensation from Pfizer in a Lipitor lawsuit settlement.